FastQ Genome Compression

First release of FAPEC for FastQ genome data
After a intensive R&D program and in collaboration with the Distributed Multimedia Applications Group from Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, DAPCOM has presented a data compression prototype for genomic data, specifically for FastQ files. It reaches 3.5 compression ratios at very high speed (more than 130MB/s), enabling the use of the technology in near real-time or streaming compression scenarios such as Cloud applications. The solution was presented in Chengdu (China) in the MPEG meeting by Jaime Delgado from the DMAG group.
The compression solution had a good acceptance among the audience thanks to its efficiency in terms of computing power and speed.

The data compression for genomic applications is strategic for DAPCOM. The coming version, scheduled for this quarter (2017.0), will incorporate this highly efficient FastQ data compression and decompression module.