The expertise of our team on efficient data compression systems for space provides the necessary knowledge base for the development of an optimized solution for each scenario depending on the customer needs. We combine several compression technologies, including our quick Prediction Error Coder (PEC) and its patented adaptive extension FAPEC, as well as efficient pre-processing stages that can be completely adapted to each case in order to boost the achievable ratios. We have developed a set of tailored data compression methodologies and technologies, mainly based on the entropy coder engine provided by PEC.

Tailored pre-processing stages

Before applying a data compression technology it is convenient to understand the data to be compressed. A full comprehension of the data format and statistics can enhance the compression performance, both in compression ratio and in compression speed.


Our data compression technology is based on the PEC engine. PEC is a fast and noise-resilient semi-adaptive entropy coder that can achieve better performances than the standard in the presence of noise or when the input data contains a sizable fraction of outliers, while requiring very low processing resources, offering excellent efficiencies for a wide variety of data statistics. An adequate pre-processing stage as mentioned above should be used for this coder. PEC needs some calibration parameters in order to achieve optimum ratios, although in some cases PEC can already provide good enough ratios with just a simple determined calibration.