DAPCOM offers software engineering solutions with special focus on handling and processing large data sets.

  • Design and implementation of data flows. Given an information system, we design the data flow from its theoretical definition into its actual low level implementation (with or without compression) especially suited to big data flows scenarios.
  • Software modelling of complex theoretical models. We have wide experience in software modelling of instrumental and physical or theoretical models for large research simulations from our experience in the development of simulators for space missions.
  • Web applications such as 2.0 web tools with the latest web technologies, or more complex corporate tools based on the latest Java technologies.
  • Hardware engineering. We have experience in the implementation of software modules in FPGA boards, including our own FAPEC compressor, and including the tight requirements that space-borne systems impose on their hardware.
  • Project management. We also offer our experience in the project planning and management of large data processing systems.

DAPCOM Consulting

In many scenarios the customer is not aware of the possible advantages that data compression (and efficient data handling in general) can provide to his technological systems. We can analyze the technological problems and challenges of the customer and, with exhaustive tests, we can identify if data compression is a solution to any of the problems or requirements of the technological scenario the client may have.

The result is a test report with a set of technologies tested (some of our own, some existing ones, custom prototyped solutions to the specific case to study, etc.) thus providing a concise review of the most optimal solution to the specific need of the client to be adopted if the client goes forward with the implementation.